About Us

The Market aims to be accessible to the entire community of Dallas and beyond. For this reason, we are not only kosher under the Dallas Kosher, but we also offer allergy-friendly options. Whether you can’t have dairy, gluten, or simply prefer not to have any of the above, we are happy to accommodate to the best of our abilities. in addition to being a pescatarian restaurant, we have strictly vegetarian and vegan options as well.

The Market kosher restaurant ownership is divided between Stacey Clark, an experienced east coaster with a financial background and a fantastic eye for service and food, and Jordona Kohn, a trained and skilled chef with an extensive history with foods from French, Middle Eastern, and Southern & Eastern European cuisine as well as front of the house experience. Our menu will be filled with old school, east coast classics while embracing our local Texas cuisine, with weekly seasonal specials that will keep our customers coming back for the classic and new school items.